RE: I wrote this for you.

It's no coincidence. I play that song around you so maybe you'll actually listen to the lyrics for once and know how I feel.

RE: I wrote this for you.

I was wondering if you had a second. To talk about anything at all.

RE: I wrote this for you.

Making love was never about you and me in a bed. We made love whenever we held hands.

RE: I wrote this for you.

I need you to give me the chance to take you for granted.

RE: I wrote this for you.

I couldn't convince you that the blue you see is the same blue that I see. But maybe that's how lovers know they're meant to love; they see the same blue. And they both know it.

RE: I wrote this for you.

If you really knew how I felt, you'd call an ambulance.

RE: I wrote this for you.

There's nothing scary about choice. Scary is when you don't have choice.

RE: I wrote this for you.

Sometimes I think the only reason you stay in contact with me is to let me know how "well" you're doing now that you've moved on.

I'm happy for you. Now fuck off.

RE: I wrote this for you.

I like to think that somewhere out there, on a planet exactly like ours, two people exactly like you and me made totally different choices and that, somewhere, we're still together.

That's enough for me.

RE: I wrote this for you.

If anyone's going to break this heart, I think it should be you.

RE: I wrote this for you.

There are days when I want to walk up to you and scream in your face
"No one else gets you like I do, now let's get the hell out of here."

RE: I wrote this for you.

On this day, you read something that moved you and made you realise there were no more fears to fear. No tears to cry. No head to hang in shame. That every time you thought you’d offended someone, it was all just in your head and really, they love you with all their heart and nothing will ever change that. That everyone and everything lives on inside you. That that doesn’t make any of it any less real.

That soft touches will change you and stay with you longer than hard ones.

That being alone means you’re free. That old lovers miss you and new lovers want you and the one you’re with is the one you’re meant to be with. That the tingles running down your arms are angel feathers and they whisper in your ear, constantly, if you choose to hear them. That everything you want to happen, will happen, if you decide you want it enough. That every time you think a sad thought, you can think a happy one instead.

That you control that completely.

That the people who make you laugh are more beautiful than beautiful people. That you laugh more than you cry. That crying is good for you. That the people you hate wish you would stop and you do too.

That your friends are reflections of the best parts of you. That you are more than the sum total of the things you know and how you react to them. That dancing is sometimes more important than listening to the music.

That the most embarrassing, awkward moments of your life are only remembered by you and no one else. That no one judges you when you walk into a room and all they really want to know, is if you’re judging them. That what you make and what you do with your time is more important than you’ll ever fathom and should be treated as such. That the difference between a job and art is passion. That neither defines who you are. That talking to strangers is how you make friends.

That bad days end but a smile can go around the world. That life contradicts itself, constantly. That that’s why it’s worth living.

That the difference between pain and love is time. That love is only as real as you want it to be. That if you feel good, you look good but it doesn’t always work the other way around.

That the sun will rise each day and it’s up to you each day if you match it. That nothing matters up until this point. That what you decide now, in this moment, will change the future. Forever. That rain is beautiful.

And so are you.

RE: I wrote this for you.

I've written you a hundred messages that I'll never send.

RE: I wrote this for you.

I loved you before you were cool.

RE: I wrote this for you.

Fuck it. You throw a dart at a map, we'll go there and start new. Somewhere else in the world that's not here. Somewhere where we haven't said things to each other that we can't unsay and done things which we can't undo.

There we can say new things. We can do new things. And those new things we say and do will be more important than the old things. Let's leave. Please. Leave with me.
I believe that the words I say mean more than the words you say.
Because you use them too often.
I use them when I mean them.
If you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, make sure it's not the flames from the bridges you've burnt.
I remember more of what I didn't expect to remember with you.

RE: I wrote this for you.

Once, years ago, I looked up by mistake and fell into your eyes. I’m still falling. Sometimes, it feels like flying.

RE: I wrote this for you.

I don't care how many fish there are in the sea. I don't want a fish. I want you.

RE: I wrote this for you.

I'm sure you've met them. They say they’ll put you back together while they’re tearing everything apart. And they use the type of lips you can taste for years.

RE: I wrote this for you.

And though love is a drunk, sleeping off its hangover in the gutters between the years, you need to smile at the bitch anyway.

The Lantern in the Lifeboat

I am nervous.
I'm afraid.
But I will stand here in the white hot heat of you. I will play Russian roulette with your play lists. I will tell jokes I'm not sure you'll find funny. I will hold on until there is no more reason to. And in the end, I will break the stars and resurrect the sun.
Insanity is measured by the witness.

thanks johncmayer.
you made me write some pretty good things last night.
My Statement Didn't Warrant that Reaction.
I am probably going to chicago over spring break,
I am going to the bamboozle road show!
I am excited for the warmth.
I am starting to appreciate some things obama is doing. big shocker there.
I am wanting a popsicle. A warm one.
I love matt dallas.
I love Brendon Urie, but that isn't new news. :D

NONstop mint

I am extremely tired, I dont know how I got this tired. I want to be more awake.
I dressed nicely today for a spanish art critique. I looked so good. I mean, I still do. just turned down :D pictures later, when I am less asleep...

Eventual Termination: A Poem about Doctor Gothic

A Poem about Doctor Gothic
"How do you live without purpose?" Doctor Gothic Contemplates. "What do you do with your life?" You spend your days, thinking of how to end them,

Doctor Gothic onstage, her blue eyes,
hidden under clumps of makeup, masks under, well formed eyebrows,
her hair is just another Mask.
Her hands hold a shot glass,
her eyes rest on the peaches above.

Onstage, Instead of a play, a single spotlight remains:
The practiced physican stands before you,
gifting her failure,
A hospital as the imaginary backdrop.
This horrific murderer,
calmly under the hot lights,
ready to explode.

Onstage Doctor Gothic says, "Everylife you touch, lives one less day because of you,"
They dont know it yet, but you will cause them to die.
This revelation brings you down.
Doctor Gothic, she says, "Knowing this will cause you to give up on dreams..."
What will you do?
what DID you do?

Hostpitals are gimicks,
they give false hope of survival,
but you were going to die anyway...

"What do you do for the rest of your life?" says Doctor Gothic
How will you make the world better, and does it even matter?

this poem was just written to reflect the poems at the beginning of each chapter of Haunted...

Its Cold out here, but you dont know that yet...

Hey, this is going to be my first TRUE blog post in a while,
Its not like I have been overly busy, I just have had no desire to write very often.
So I will share about my life :)

good news
I may be getting my braces off really soon :D
I am no longer in writers workshop, so writing is more fun I suppose,
I am "do"-able
I am reading a GREAT book
I just started writing a great Ryden Fan-fic.
I kinda don't have school tomorrow,
I have had fun hanging out with friends these past few weeks,
My last quarter grades went, A A A A A A B C+ I suppose that isn't TOO bad.
I am going to camp this summer, and this person I don't like isn't
I haven't had too much homework yet.
I got a turntable, and an old camera.
I have some new skeleanimals things!
Special Friend (Self Explanatory)
Jo, DOESN'T hate me!

Some not so pleasant news
I have to wear 6 rubber bands in my mouth,
I am not in writers workshop.
I have to go see a play tomorrow
I got a C so now I cant do anything interesting on school nights :(
Camp is a very long time away,
Panic concerts (for me anyway) are a long time away...
I am developing a new habit of NOT doing any homework
Turntable: I have like 3 records so far
Camera: I do not have, nor can I afford, The film, and the development fees
I waste my money, QUICKLY
Special Friend lives in Florida (this is always bad news)
I live in st. Louis. (This is also not so great news)
I am addicted to RED BULL
January 31st would be better in Florida. Like most things. Even though Florida smells like Mold.

Its cold here you dont know that yet...
I got the concept and came to the conclusion
That the top floor was just an illusion
To the fact that I go this break in my backT
hat I can't get out;
I cant figure out how

You appeared right in front of me
Before your march down south a university
Is where you spend your daylight
But we're both just waiting for this friday night
Although the distance is daring
We both know how to drive

I see where your coming from
We've been on the same boat since day one
I see how you like to run
Back to the things that got you here
Although the distance is daring
We both know how to drive
We can't make up for the lost time that we both apologize for
I cant stand the fact that this extremity is the center of my day
Mondays I sleep away
Tuesdays I lay awake
Wednesdays are the worst
Thursdays I reminice
Fridays I see your face
And I can breathe


I am cold, and sick, but happy
I now love Red Bull, so I want that for my birthday :)
and I have a turntable, named Simon!