Is what I am.
What happened these last three days?
My cell phone is never ever leaving my sight again.
I have been sitting and wondering all day in the car,
what were you up to?

We are going on a trip!

Tomorrow starts the forever journey, of a family on a quest.
in other words...
my parents are forcing me to drive with them to texas.
see you when I can get to a computer out of the eyesight of my parents.
Death. It is always hard. no matter what. When it is a band, it is still hard

R.I.P. Phantom Planet. :(

Maybe someday you will raise the dead. :)

lets burn our dreams into the skyline.

(drunk and junk sound similar)

Tired, though Congrats Keltie. You are the most deserving person for that massage.

got this book called rant by everyones dear friend, Mr. Palahniuk.

It looks good, I will get to start it on my trip to Dallas. After I finish Invisible Monsters of course.

found a new intrest, in photography. Not just the run of the mill, take pictures of me and people, smiling with peace signs.
Yes the picture was meant to be like that.

I also really like writing. About the pictures I take, like poetry. Kinda weird, I guess. Whatever keeps me out of my mom's liquor cabnet. (rae next time u come over and we are home alone you know what we are trying, btw the poem isn't about you. just the picture)

hidden from light,
in the light,

Jam to THIS:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-KHAdeZUrQ Ha!


I have a long term goal now, college. In good 'ol chi town. And rae and I are going to share an apartment, and get drunk, and hannah will drive us home.
And we will go on road trips to places, like Las VEGAS. and we will again, get drunk. I AM EXCITED!!!! FUCK YESH

O, the Scientist and His Genesis

Just because you talked doesn't mean it is over, there are things that you dont know, and you will still keep secrets from her. that is why I dont want to go back, I want to move forward.
this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEWnqHFX5Qw

RE: This is a blog about mean people.

First off, it is none of ANYONES buisness!!!! (Except Ryan and Keltie)
Second, EVEN if they do decide to share about their relationship, it is STILL not our place to judge in ANY way.
Third, Get a life besides writing shit filled letters to people who DONT deserve them.
fourth, rock on KELTIE! Cause even if you weren't dating who you are, I would STILL get mad over something like THIS. cause you DO NOT deserve it at ALL!

The Long Hard Wait

I have started my present for the next panic at the disco meet and greet I go to. Now you might be thinking, "god knows when that is". and unfortunatly I am thinking it too.
But this is pretty much a journal, recording most of my random panic thoughts and explaining them, I will create an online scrapbook to attach to it.
Its not so much if they read it, just if they see it, because I realize that they are busy people. I am not. I am bored. So I created this to keep me semi-occupied during the long hard wait.

on another note I am,
1. Nervous cause opening day is tomorrow, congrats Keltie on your big day!
2. Sad, because my special friend's tests aren't over
3. Excited for live in chicago.
4. Itchy from that nastical hat they are making me wear for the play.
5. Tired because, rehersals are a bitch.
6. Chapped (really badly, my lips at least)
7. Annoyed, cause my facebook uploader isn't working so yall dont get to c my beautiful pictures of the natureness, of shaw. Here is a picture:
8. Rebelous cause I am thinking about skipping gym tomorrow.
9. Happy cause i only have to go to two classes tomorrow.
10. Grumpy cause one of those is social studies (here we come mr. baughld, I mean baughring, i mean mr. bad breath. IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, Mr. Baugh)
11. Gloomy cause the other class is gym. I strongly dislike Coach Connor.

I have to do my homework, so if you are lucky I will post again tomorrow.

Lit Class

Mr. Boeynk is a douchebag, for taking away my cell phone. He isn't even my teacher.
Dancing around my room like a manaic, I stubbed my toe. But I would rather stub my toes then not have the chance to look like an Idiot.
I am cold, my room is about -50 bajillion degrees.
I am going to dance some more!
Dancing to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NdAUnnU9Ac
Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy.
many reasons
24 more days till something special
My friends RBLT pics were uploaded, this makes me happy
I was even more happy to see a picture of Jon Walker signing my cell phone.
I was 50 millions times even MORE happy to see a picture of Brendon with funny hair.

Hyper, Hyper, Hyper, Hyper.
It is cold in my room, so the hyperness,
might be shivering.
It is probably the happieness taking over!

Middle of Summer

I am sorry I have to use the very large refrence (originally between two amazing people bp <3 monkey) To how I feel right now.
But that is how I am.
I am so completely, wholely perfectly happy, in this very moment right now.
Thanks to many things
I really dont care if this means i am "Pathetically Adorable"
1. Marc Meller is an Amazing person (Who even talks to my friends.)(Yes she finally let me see the texts, she thought it would be sweeter coming from you, she thinks that we are "Pathetically Adorable")
2. I have amazing friends, (RAE, SYD, JO, HANNAH), they are pretty much the only ones who would put up with watching random panic inspired movies (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mirrors, SPINAL TAP)
3. I got new sunglasses.
4. I got to watch the sound of music, this always makes me happy.
5. I have very little homework.
6. On monday I have math first.
7. It is friday, kind of.

Listening to:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5RrULdpTHQ

Holy The Sea

Taking pictures of everything today so people who dont know my can have a little bit of insight into what everything in my life looks like.

Last night I had a dream that it was peace day, and my volleyball coach was coming to give me a new pair of sunglasses (which he is today) and I was international peace day. I was walking up the stars and I saw, my sixth grade friend. Suddenly, I stripped of my shirt, to fix my bra (yeah I was acting like a total slut. Then I ran for the nearest bathroom, (but I ran to the farthest one.) Then I had to struggle to close the door. Then I went to play practice and they made me hold these dead furs that they are making me wear.

What does this mean?

listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Cj2hzExeng

Epic Fail

I tried to click on Behind the Sea (to listen) but then i realized that i was using my cell phone to click. Epic Fail for me today, besides falling off of stools on stage during play practice.

I wonder, when people decided things could have passion.

Happy Time
I have nothing to say

For our play (the dastardly deeds at the yoursin mine or youkon (come see at wydown middle school, clayton mo, nov. 14/15 at 7:30!)) we have to learn this fucked up song, about his fictional town, that this 7th grader wrote.
My friend told me to soak up the cheesieness when we were learning the hand movements (that i still need to learn better)
I honestly don't ever have any room for cheesieness,
I am never ever that person.
I only laugh around friends.
If something doesn't amuse me I dont laugh.
Many things amuse me, but only when i am with my friends.
I need to be more cheerful
around everyone.

The Best one, of the Best Ones

Why do I do this to myself?
I am an attention whore.
I need noise, I need people, I need music.
Why do I not share?
I get into these obsessions (volleyball, a certain band that i know of(:)) and I only let one other person be as obsessed as me. and i am terrible to the rest.
Maybe cause it is true. Maybe i am more dedicated. Maybe i am am addicted to addictions, But i live for it.
I am not going to change, just make myself better for the future.
I still admire my favorite band of all time, they hurt my heart from all of the love i have for them.

omg i love his preaches

listening to this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epHN4uSHox0

The Short Term

In the short term, great! This weekend I am watching movies with friends, and the weekend after I am making shirts with friends.
The long term not so much, I am looking forward to the next PATD concert, that is anywhere from 5 months away to never again.
I am not sad. I am just bored with my life.

The End of an Era

Last night my very best friend was broken

Yeah that is right, my sunglasses. those neon yellow ones.

But I paid for these glasses.

I wore them everyday for the past three months.

I painted the ends of them.

My Idol (b.urie) complimented them.

Sifting through my images to find one of these glasses, I found they were in some way in almost every picture.

So many people have tried those things on, and you have no idea how many times I have washed them to eliminate facial grease on them.

I had already thought I lost them once in september but I had help from friends and I did find them.

Before I left for volleyball (where they were broken) I thought about not going to volleyball to catch up on the mountain of homework I am waking up to do this morning.

I also thought about leaving my sunglasses in the car. 5 minutes before they were broken.

Yeah, you are right, I can get a new pair. But I will not have them today, or tomorrow.

I am pathetic