Best Film Of 2008:- The Tale of (some mouse)

Best Book Of 2008:- Invisible Monsters.

Best Actor Of 2008:- Patrick Depmsey.

Best Actress Of 2008:- Anne Hathaway

Best Celebrity Of 2008:- who do you honestly expect me to say?

Best Game Of 2008:- hack.

Best Song Of 2008:- please don't make me choose.

Best Moment Of 2008:- meeting my heroes.

Best Band Of 2008:- panic at the disco. duh.

Best Singer Of 2008:- brendon urie. :D

Best TV Show Of 2008:- SURS

Best Piece Of News 2008:- a shark flew out of an aquarium to go down a water slide.

Worst Film Of 2008:- twilight.

Worst Book Of 2008:- that tour documentary book by the johoes.

Worst Celebrity Of 2008:- Pete Wentz XD (jkay I luvs a peetey)

Worst Game Of 2008:-Monopoly.

Worst Song Of 2008:- so many

Worst Moment Of 2008:- Idk was taylor swift on american idol?

Worst Band Of 2008:- johos

Worst TV Show Of 2008:- ying yang yo!

Worst Piece Of News 2008:- the shark died.

Did you have any resolutions? Did you break them? Keep them? nope nopes nopers

If you could change one thing about 2008, what would it be? I would be flirtier

What is the most memorable moment of 2008:- meeting panic/seeing panic live from almost-barricade.

Who did you spend most of 2008 with? me, rae, hannah.

Where did you spend most of 2008? my house, school rachels house.

Have you changed alot since 2007? yeah. panic happened.

yeah it is stolen, what ever


I am in indiana, and that is one amazing place to be.
It is warm here and there is still snow on the grounds, and the lake is still iced over.
It is really pretty.
the only thing that can ruin this is mean people.
Have you ever met a genuinly mean person who can almost never say anything nice to anyone ever? When every word that comes out of their mouth is hurtful to others?
Well, thanks to Maryam that is what is happening. She is a full blown out bitch to everyone. She is on teh panic boards but i dont think she even likes panic at all, cause she disses them and never talks about them on their own boards.
She really needs to leave, but after I write this I am going to ndp and getting all shutthehellup in her face. She deserves it. She is mean to innocent people, and by letting that happen I am just as bad.

I need to try Rockstar

I just spent the last four hours practicing guitar with someone.
It was A-Mazin. But now my fingers really hurt.
Before that I went ice skating.
I know I know, I usually do it like once a year, but I needed something to entertain myself. I didn't fall so that was good.
I got to see hannah's awesome nose piercing. it pwns your nose piercing. It pwns my nose piercing. (that doesn't exist)
After skating I tried my first energy drink, VENOM.
it was absolutely disgusting.
Then we ran to wallgreens and got sour patch kids and....RED BULL. Red bull was better but it took rachels mom like an hour to get there cause of traffic so, we left 30 minutes worth of messages on his phone, and on the way home.
Then at raes house, after we had been practicing for a while, we ate dinner. I had rice and MONSTER.
Ok let me get one thing straight, all energy drinks taste the same except for Red bull which tastes better for some reason. They all also look like urine. Except I haven't tried ROCKSTAR yet.
Today, was fun.
Tomorrow I am going back to rachels to practice guitar more, cause I might as well do something productive with my break.
The spider and the lamps...

Life is looking up...I can change the world open up their eyes.

I think that she is going to still be nice to me even if she doesn't like me, that is good.

You know who you are, so feel better, and talk. it doesn't have to be me it can be your blog, or lyrics I know something is bothering you and I cant stand not being able to fix it. like usual I am trying to control everything and be a control freak.

Weird thing, I was in the bathroom at the movie theater and in the bathroom I heard monsoon/tokio hotel playing. it was odd. pretty. odd. only it wasn't panic. it was scream america.

I saw a pretty interesting movie today, It was rather sick and depressing for a childrens movie. Including a distopia where rats ate mice, and humans and just about everything else and soup was banned because someone drowned in it, and a servent was driven mad because she wanted to be a princess. It was also overly cheesey, but hey, who doesn't want a man who is, brave, noble, and courageous.

Speaking of man, my "special friend" actually texted me today without me texting first, that was cool.

After the movie, I felt gorgeous (in the scene kinda way) and was openly flirting with some guys in the lobby. good thing they didn't know that I am 13 while they are old. Good thing I put on makeup. Good thing, I am (get ready for this marc, I know you love this word) hella sexy.

I was just doing scales and playing the intro to that green gentleman (G I think) so now I smell like guitar strings. (kinda like money) It was pretty fun. Now I am closer to bed, earlier then I have been for the past month, I like it and I plan to enjoy it.

I am happy now, no one is responsible no one is the reason. I am happy. life is looking up.

Some more news, because I haven't posted in so long, life is looking up, Hannahs mom might drive us to iowa for Secret Valentine tour. It will be amazingness including, We the kings, the cab, the maine, there for tomorrow, and versaEmerge. in honnor of the amazingness,

We the kings:

There for tomorrow:

The Maine:


and because Life is looking up

I'm a real big fan of yours...

I'm a little bit insecure,

I had a ton of fun today,
first i got to sit in a chair and have a wonderful god, dote on every single strand of my hair.
then I got to go to a party
a cookie party
and I hung out in my old neighborhood with michael spann for like 6 hours. It was pretty fun.
Then I talked to Marc for a while.
and then I watched instant star.
Its days like these where I feel a ton of love.
Its days like these where i remember I need to do homework that I forgot.

doing homework to this,

(brendon urie pwns everyone)

For my own Freedom...

For all of you who read my blog, I just want to remind you that, you choose to read this stuff. Cause, you dont have to. And you can choose who you want to tell. But my blog is now becoming a place where I cannot write anything I want. It is no longer a place where I feel safe, or welcome. So thank you to the people who made it that, and know that you are responsible for me not feeling safe when I write here.

It hurts SO bad with a knife in your back OH OH OH

Why cant you stop being butt-faces and actually take time to hear what we have to say?

Or do you reall not value our friendship that much?

Thanks cause now we know that :)

Here are some friends! we are missing some though

Beware! Cougar!

I am actually doing homework tonight.
Even though it is a monday.
I feel so, so, so smart.
I wonder how long that will last.

and thanks Keltie, I will give ryan a hug, and you.
Cause lets face it.
she deserves hugs.

Enjoying this,
forrrr nowwwwwww!

100 more words until i am done with my editorial!

I got the cheese wiz.

I am delicous.
Marc said so.
Yeah, I didn't do any homework today.
despite the fact that i had a ton of free time.
I just had nore interesting things to do.
Like watch live in CHI-town, and fawn over a picture with books.
and go christmas shopping.
and sleep.
and eat SUSHI!!!!